You Are What You Eat – An Infographic on Diet and Nutrition for Kidney Disease

Diet and Nutrition plays an important role if you are suffering from kidney disease. Whether you’ve just been diagnosed with kidney failure or already undergoing some form of treatment, eating a well balanced and kidney-friendly diet will keep you healthy throughout your treatment duration. First, be sure to consult first with your doctor or renal dietitian before starting any diet program. What you eat would greatly affect your health condition since your malfunctioning kidneys cannot filter the excess waste from food anymore.

The following infographic will show you how to maintain a healthy lifestyle while living with kidney disease through smart lifestyle choices.


Staying healthy through smart lifestyle choices is the best thing you can do for yourself. If you’re suffering from kidney disease or some form of illness, the better you adhere with your diet plan and follow your dietitians orders, the greater the chance that you’ll be spared from further complications from your disease.

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