Treatment Day 08|10|2016 – Just Another Day in Dialysis Life

It’s a rainy Wednesday, 10th of August 2016. Me and my wife left the house early, at about 7 am, to go to Manila for another routine dialysis treatment. My scheduled time was still for 10 am but my wife’s work starts at 8 am so we left early anyway. It’s been raining relentlessly the whole night and school on all levels has already been suspended due to inclement weather. The sun is out but barely, and gloom still pervades the skies as water comes out like an unattended sink faucet. The weather is ripe for catching something like cold or flu, but so wrong on having to go out and perform your daily routines in life.

Dialysis treatment must go on no matter what

Oh how I wish dialysis treatment could also be as swiftly suspended as school classes whenever the weather goes berserk. That would seem a refreshing reprieve from a rigorous routine in my life living with kidney failure. But that’s just my weary side hoping for a break. Truth is skipping treatment would be more harmful than beneficial, especially of you’ve accumulated too much toxins and fluids between your allotted schedule.

Dialysis treatments must go on no matter what. There are those, whom I’ve known earlier on my dialysis life, that are simply stubborn or rebellious. They tend to skip their allotted dialysis schedules, only to end up in emergency medical care later on. I simply don’t get that. You’re only adding suffering on an already painful routine. Not to mention the financial burden an emergency treatment incurs.

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Life would test you in ways you don’t expect

You shouldn’t skip your dialysis treatment. You could, but you shouldn’t. In my 13 years of life as a patient, there are a couple of times that I was tested to my limits. There were times that I had to wade in waist-deep flood water, walk almost 2 kms and improvise my way just to get to my dialysis center. But there was one incident that I simply couldn’t go to my center despite every effort I tried to make, and just ended up cancelling my treatment schedule.

Point in fact is that when you start dialysis treatment, you’re already committed to a lifetime routine. Itdialysis-treatment becomes a part of your life and you would be tailoring your other activities around your treatment schedule whether you like it or not. Before I was diagnosed with chronic kidney disease (ckd), I could go on travelling on a whim. Now, I must perform various preparations first before I could go on for just a week’s vacation out of town. First and foremost, I ensure that there’s a dialysis clinic on the place where I’m going and make necessary arrangements beforehand. I also must talk to my doctor or healthcare team whether they’d clear me for travel.

I always bring my maintenance medicines with me wherever I go. I tend to favor my fistula arm and always protect it from bumps or any untoward pressure. I now watch what I eat and always in moderation. Reading the food labels on canned goods and checking them for mineral contents has already became a habit.

Another day, another concluded treatment. I always thank God right after every session. I'm still… Click To Tweet

These are the things that grow on you and become entwined in your daily life. If you want to cope seamlessly with your condition, you have to accept first what you’re going through, prioritize, then improvise so that you could still live the life you want with minimal inconveniences.

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Just another day at the center

I have been doing this routine for a long time now that dialysis treatment already became as ordinary as breathing. My travels to the center already became as familiar as visiting a relative’s place or seeing a movie. The staff and nurses becomes your friend and family, inadvertently becoming a part of your dialysis life. Of course there are times that you encounter frightful experiences during your stay at the center. But I just consider it as part of the treatment package. You tend to get extra surprises from time to time.

Another day, another concluded treatment. I always thank God right after every session. I’m still here to bear witness to life’s beauty, and still privileged to live that life with my family and friends.

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